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For more than a month, Russian troops have been bombing Ukrainian cities School, Hospitals and residential buildings They intimidate civilians by preventing them from escaping from besieged cities, and they kill civilians. However, Donald Trump says he is responsible For Russia’s aggression against Ukraine Vladimir Putin is “smart”. However, he acknowledged that he was president Russia “He did wrong” by leading the war.

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Donald Trump: I was asked if Putin was smart. Yes, Putin is smart

Donald Trump At a rally in Georgia’s trade on Saturday, he spoke of the Russian president Vladimir Putin And Russia’s activities in Ukraine. – I was asked if Putin is smart. Yes, Putin was smart and judged in the presence of his supporters who had gathered to hear Trump speak.

The former US president says he thought Putin would “negotiate but stop 200,000 troops.” Border“It’s not going to happen,” he insisted. He further added that “the Russian leader made a mistake by launching his aggression against Ukraine.” But after a while he again praised the Russian president. That’s good, “he said. Russian troops on the border with Ukraine.

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Donald Trump does not just praise some of Putin’s actions. He also praised China’s leadership Ji Jinping And North Korea Kim Jong UnThey call them “sages”. “The smart ones will go up,” the former US president said, quoting the portal Mountain.

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Joe Biden on Putin: This man cannot be in power

The current president of the United States released a different statement on Saturday at the Royal Castle in Warsaw Joe Biden, Said that Vladimir Putin could not continue as President of Russia and that the Russians could only blame their leader for the collapse of the economy. The president also blamed Putin War, The extent of the suffering and destruction of the Ukrainians. – A dictator who wants to rebuild the empire will never destroy the love of freedom from nations. Brutality will never destroy their desire to be free. Ukraine will never be a success for Russia because it does not want independent people Y In a world of hopelessness and darkness – Biden said in Warsaw on Saturday.

For God’s sake, this man cannot be in power

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