War in Ukraine. Can Crimea be seceded? Maksymilian Dura: There are two places that are easy to control

There are two places where the Crimean Peninsula meets Ukraine. Both of these places can be easily controlled – said Naval Reserve Commander Lieutenant Maximilian Dura on TVN24. According to him, Ukrainian forces have the ability to cut off Russian crossings from Crimea.

– At this time there is certainly a technical possibility to exclude crossings from the Crimean Peninsula. It is obvious to all that this peninsula is connected to the territory by a vast landmass Ukraine. This is not true – Naval Reserve Lieutenant Commander Maximilian Dura explained on TVN24.

Commander Dura with easily breakable bridges

As he put it, “there are two places, the Crimean peninsula is the only two places that join Ukraine”. – Both these places are controllable. In the east, there are two easily broken bridges, and then the Russians will have a big problem – he assessed.

He added that the second point is located near Kherson. “It is about seven, eight kilometers long (wide) where there are two or three roads and it is very easy to control. Therefore, it will be possible to cut off the Russians in the south of Ukraine from the goods coming from Crimea, and then these roads will be really long – he said.

Ukrainian soldiers near KhersonPAP / EPA / Sergey Kozlov

Durai: War has changed its face

After more than eight months of occupation, the Russian side announced the withdrawal of its forces from the right (west) bank of the Dnieper. On Friday, Ukrainian authorities announced they had regained control of Kherson. – This shows that the face of this war has changed Russia A Defending Party – TVN24 guest rated.

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In his opinion, “in fact, the war progressed when the West decided to hand over offensive weapons to the Ukrainian army, namely the Himars missile systems and the famous Polish Crabs that really helped Ukraine.”

Kherson, located in southern Ukraine, is the main center of the region adjacent to the annexed Crimea, and is the only regional city captured by the Russians since February 24. This happened in the first days of the invasion.

Ukrainian soldiers fired a missile in the Kherson region. Photo taken on November 9STANISLAV KOZLIUK / PAP / EPA

Dura: Russia approves of this war

According to the military, there are no signs that a “mother’s rebellion” will break out in Russia. – Contrary to appearances there is some sort of consent to this war. The whole Russian society was filled with the propaganda that “we are a big army that can do anything”, and in fact it is with the Russians all the time – he explained.

According to him, “there will be an improvement in Russian society only when they directly realize that the stores run out of something and their lives begin to deteriorate”.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / Sergey Kozlov

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