War in Ukraine. Boris Johnson’s speech to the Russians

Atrocities committed by Russian troops in Buxa, Irbine and elsewhere in Ukraine The world was terrified. Civilians were massacred – Shot with their hands tied. The women were raped In front of their young children. The bodies were badly burned, The mass was thrown into graves or simply left on the street. These statements are so shocking and disgusting that it is not surprising that the government is trying to hide them from you, Johnson wrote.

“If you can see what’s going on, your president knows you’ll not support his war.” He knows it These crimes betray the faith of every Russian motherShe proudly bids him farewell when her son goes to the army. And he knew they were A stain on Russia’s dignity. The British Prime Minister continued that a stain would be bigger and more permanent every day of the war.

He called on the people of Russia to use VPN Internet connections To access independent information from around the world, once they have learned the truth, share it with others.

– Your president has been accused of war crimes. But I can not believe he is acting on your behalf Johnson finished in Russian.

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