War in Ukraine. Battle of Avdivka. The Russians stationed tens of thousands of soldiers

In an interview with Espresso TV, the Ukrainian military admitted that Russian attacks over the past several weeks had been carried out by units made up mostly of former prisoners. They are Sent on “meat raids” that failed.

– Prisoners of “Sztorm” and “Burza” divisions appeared there. He also came A newly formed armored unit of invaders. New tanks were found there and would participate in the attacks Avdivka – he said.

According to Morozov, Russian forces have now changed their offensive tactics. They are primarily in use “Orlan” and “Lancet” unmanned aerial vehicles.

In fact, a new war has already begun. Anti-aircraft guns and combat drones are being used, a Ukrainian military official stressed.

“Meat tricks” of the Russians. Thousands of new players ahead

In an interview with CNN, the Ukrainian sniper, nicknamed “Pez,” admitted that the Russian military has been conducting an almost continuous assault on Avdiivka. for attacks Units formed primarily of mobilized citizens are used.

– No one expels them, no one takes them away. I have a feeling that people don't have any specific plan of action, they just go and die, he said.

As the Ukrainian soldier emphasized, “If we manage to destroy 40-70 Russian soldiers using drones during the day, they will regain their strength the next day and continue the attack.”

According to a Ukrainian sniper, during the 18-month battle for the city, soldiers of the 110th Mechanized Brigade They liquidated at least 1,500 Russian soldiersThis did not stop the attack.

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