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In recent days, Ukraine continues to receive sad reports of Russian crimes of torture and killing of victims. After the Russians left the occupied territories in the Kiev region, the Ukrainians found the mass graves of their comrades – including.Inside. In Irpień and Hostoml. They later discovered a shocking grave in Pucha – where the Russians buried 360 killed civilians, including at least 10 people. Children.

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Gramadorsk. Near the station after the Russian rocket attack

Another mass grave with dozens of people Ukrainian The public was found Saturday in the nearby liberated village of Pusova KievIt was occupied for weeks Army Russian, he said in an interview with the company UNIAN Taras Ditiks, head of the Dmitrievsk Romada (Commune) authorities. He said the bodies of the villagers were found in a ditch near the gas station.

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Pusov. Another mass grave with the public. The death toll is not yet known

– We are slowly reviving, but there were a lot of “hot spots” here during the occupation, and many civilians died. This is the Kyiv-Zhytomyr route, mainly between the villages of Myłe and Mrija, where a dozen or more cars were shot at. Even today [w sobotę 9 kwietnia – red.] We found a pit with bodies of civilians next to a gas station in Pusova, Didix said. The exact number of victims has not yet been confirmed. The official added that there were survivors of these horrific incidents.

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Ukraine, Pucha.  Ukrainian family against the backdrop of destroyed Russian tanks.  Picture taken on April 6, 2022.Buxa residents: Pomegranates were falling in our yard. “They tried to burn the bodies”

– We had wonderful events to survive. The Russians shot the car of one of the residents of Dmitrievka and waited until it caught fire. The injured person crawled out of the car and somehow came to the clinic, where the bullet was removed. Three days later, he returned to work on the excavation and helped restore water in the village, Didix said.

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