War in Ukraine. And foreign volunteers died in the war. They are from three countries

They fell under fire from a Russian tank A Canadian from Montreal, two Americans and a Swede. The foreigners, who took part in an operation carried out by the territorial defense of Ukraine’s armed forces, were located near Chiversk, in the eastern part of Donetsk region, and died on Monday, their commander, Ruslan Myroshenko, was quoted as saying by Politico.

Radio station CKAJ 92.5 FM from Quebec reported Saturday that the slain Canadian was from Montreal, 31 years old, and had left for Ukraine at the end of March. He took part in the fighting in Donbass. He died while trying to help an injured colleague. “Le Journal de Montreal” journalists who spoke with the mother and sister of the slain Canadian wrote that he decided to join the foreign volunteers in Ukraine because of his faith.

In turn, Global News Television reported over the weekend that Sapper, a former Canadian soldier who had been in Ukraine since March, was sent to a hospital in Ottawa.

Global News previously spoke to the 50-year-old Served in Afghanistan and Bosnia among others. He was seriously injured when a Russian anti-tank mine exploded. For two months he was treated in six Ukrainian hospitals, then he was flown to Warsaw and last week he flew to Toronto. The operation to transport the wounded Canadian from Poland was carried out by the organization of Canadian veterans, Aman Laura, along with others. Smart Medical Aid, an NGO, deals with medical aid.

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