War in Ukraine. 422nd day of invasion of Russia. live

Russia wants to use Germany to create anti-Ukrainian sentiments in EuropeEstablishing contacts with German politicians from the extreme left and extreme right, thanks to his intervention in domestic German politics – According to Russian documents obtained by the Washington Post. The documents show that radical German politicians are in contact with Russian officials. In the documents, the idea of ​​so-called “reconciliation” with Russia and Reactivating Nord Stream 2 Some used an encrypted phone to communicate with Russia.

“When 13,000 demonstrators gathered at the Brandenburg Gate on February 25Calls for an end to arms deliveries to Ukraine The demonstration was led by Sahra Wagenknecht, a member of parliament from the German far-left party Die Linke (…). Wagenknecht condemned the prospect that German tanks would soon be delivered to Ukraine and used to fire on the ‘Russians’, writes the Washington Post.

“We don’t want Germany to be dragged into this war anymore” – the left-wing politician announced, calling for the creation of a new peaceful movement and condemnation of the bloodshed in Ukraine, without mentioning Russia’s invasion.

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