War in Israel. Media: A tentative deal has been reached on the release of the hostages

The White House said in an official statement Hamas and Israel did not reach An agreement to release more hostages and a temporary ceasefire, a The US continues to mediate and try to enforce it.

According to sources cited by The Washington Post, the sites exist “On the verge of reaching an agreement, They will be released under it Dozens of women and children are being held hostage in the Gaza Strip in exchange for a five-day break from fighting.

Sources of the publication indicate that the release of hostages may begin “In the near future”.

– Increasing humanitarian aid, increasing fuel stockpiles, disrupting… They will come after the hostages are released – Brett McGurk said at a security conference in Bahrain.

“All women, children, young children and infants” were to be freed “A significant pause… and a massive influx of humanitarian aid” – he explained.

Joe Biden spoke with the Emir of Qatar. “Hostages should be released as soon as possible”

McCurg also said Biden had a discussion with Qatar’s emir on Friday evening Lead mediation efforts For a ceasefire and release of hostages.

The White House also said Biden and Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani held talks. “Immediately release all hostages And detained by Hamas without delay.”

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