War in Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu on the ceasefire. There is one “but”.

– I am only willing to agree to a “partial” ceasefire with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, during which some of the hostages will be released, but After that we will start the fight again – said the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.

– We are determined to continue the war after the break to achieve the goal of eliminating Hamas. I have no intention of giving this up – said the prime minister in an interview with right-wing Channel 14 television on Sunday.

Israel’s prime minister rejects the proposal. The families of the hostages are outraged

The stand calls into question the viability of the US-proposed three-phase ceasefire plan in the eight-month-old war, AP said. Under President Joe Biden’s proposal, the fighting would be suspended for the first six weeks Hamas It will release 33 people out of 120 who are most vulnerable due to age and health. In the meantime, negotiations on a permanent ceasefire will continue introduced in the second phase.

Hamas has warned No release of hostages without guaranteeing a complete ceasefire and Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. Netanyahu’s words were US support and “blatant rejection”. UN Agreement – The organization made the statement after the prime minister’s interview was aired.

Netanyahu’s position The families of the abductees also condemned thisThis assumes that the Prime Minister has rejected the proposal for an agreement to release all the hostages.

War in Israel. First such announcement

The interview was aired on Channel 14 First interviewPrime Minister addresses Israeli media following October 7, 2023 terrorist attack by Palestinian organization Hamas.

In the October offensive Israel The terrorists were killed at close range 1,200 people and kidnapped 251, 116 of whom are still being held in the Gaza Strip. According to media estimates citing intelligence sources, 66 None of them are alive now. In response to this attack, the Israeli army launched an attack to eliminate Hamas in the Gaza Strip. According to the Hamas-controlled administration, more than 37,500 people died there. People. As a result of the war, Gaza is engulfed in a massive humanitarian crisis.

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