War does not stop Hasidic pilgrimage. 30,000 people will come to Oman. People

Last year, despite the war, Płetniowa reported that 23,000 people came. Pilgrims. – Hasidim in Israel have been living in a state of war for many years, so they are not afraid, like every year, they come to the grave of Zadik Nachman. The war will not stop our pilgrims, said the mayor of the city, Irina Petniova

This year, Rosh Hashanah is celebrated from September 15-17.

Uman, located in Cherkasy province, was not affected by the hostilities. However, according to the Ukrainian Armed Forces daily report, the threat of Russian shelling remains throughout Ukrainian territory.

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Ukraine threatened to close its borders

On August 8, officials of Cherkasy province appealed to Hasidim not to attend this year’s celebrations. On August 20, Yevhen Korniychuk, Ukraine’s ambassador to Israel, threatened that Ukraine would close its borders to Israeli pilgrims in retaliation for Israel’s deportation of Ukrainian citizens. According to data from the Ukrainian embassy, ​​in the first half of 2023, Israeli authorities deported 2,037 Ukrainian citizens, compared to 2,705 in 2022.

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