War. British Ministry of National Defence: Russia has intensified its attacks near Donetsk

“Over the past five days, the intensity of Russian attacks in the Donetsk region may have increased. Donbass. in the north Donetsk Fierce fighting took place near the cities Seversk And Bachmood. Pro-Russian separatist fighters may have made some advances toward the center of the village squeak, Close to the airport in Donetsk. However, overall, Russian forces made small territorial gains “- said the Ministry of Defense.

According to the British ministry, “there is a real possibility that Russia has stepped up its efforts in the Donbass in an attempt to draw or bind additional Ukrainian units.”

The Kremlin’s actions come “against speculation that Ukraine is planning a serious counteroffensive,” the daily intelligence update wrote.

It has been 185 days since Russia launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine on the morning of February 24.

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