War at a training center in Russia. The reason is not in my mind – o2

Clashes broke out between soldiers at the military base in Alabino near MoscowThey are mobilized anew. According to the Russian website “Pasa”, it was an attempted theft.

The newcomers were not welcomed with bread and salt – on the contrary, the soldiers assigned to the unit began to demand clothes and cell phones from the new arrivals – we read on the “Pasa” service channel in Telegram.

A fight in the Russian section. They beat and kicked the indentured soldiers who had gathered

Newbies don’t want to be subordinated to more experienced colleagues. There was a tussle between the professional and mobilized soldiers, which soon turned into a brutal fight. As a result of the clash, 20 professional players were injured.

The situation escalated rapidly. The victims barricaded themselves inside a room in the unit and called for help. Military police arrived first, followed by workers Ministry of Home Affairs. Only then did the conflicting parties reach an agreement. In the end, no one reported being beaten.

Problems of the Russian Army

Narrating the event is further evidence of problems within the Russian military. Putin’s soldiers struggle without access to basic equipment and even decent clothing. As the BBC reports, recruits receive older-generation uniforms, in some units they must provide themselves, among others, appropriate footwear.

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