Wales: Rat infestation at popular resort. They are the size of cats

Giant rats have taken over Castle Beach in Denbigh, Wales. Rodents run along rocks and beaches and enter houses. Their activity can accelerate cliff erosion. Local authorities alerted residents and sent experts to inspect the location of the rats’ nests.

Experts say that Rats proliferated in the area For the past few years The Mirror reported. Local officials are asking residents not to feed the birds or leave food outside It can attract rodents.

Experts were sent to Fort BeachWho should see on the cliff where the rats have their nests. Animals must contribute to the destruction of the cliff surface. Locals fear the damage will cap its structure, accelerate erosion, and pose a hazard. A video of rats running has been published by the BBC news portal.

“Rats are everywhere”

The owner of a coffee shop near Castle Beach tells The Mirror as much There have been no such problems with rodents for 30 years. “Evening dusk, early morning, rats are literally everywhere,” a local boater tells BBC News. “Rats are as big as cats. A lot of people have told me they’ve seen bunches of them, especially in the attic,” he said.

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Years ago, when rats appeared in the area, “an expert took care of them,” he said. Rodents They also enter neighboring houses.


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