Wagner Group is looking for new hires worldwide on Twitter and Facebook

Logically, according to the British Disinformation Research Group, job advertisements for Wagner, operating as mercenaries in several countries, reached almost 120,000. Views on two social media platforms in the last 10 months.

About 60 posts — in dozens of languages ​​— including French, Vietnamese and Spanish — share information about war, IT, management and medical positions at Wagner. They contained contact phone numbers and Telegram account addresses, and advertised a monthly salary of 240,000 rubles (€2,800), with allowances including healthcare.

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Advertising by Wagner Group on Twitter

Although researchers cannot logically attribute the messages to Wagner Group with 100 percent certainty, the posts bear the company’s stamp. “We know these ads use the same language as Wagner’s previously verified accounts on Telegram or the Russian social networking site WKontakt,” said Kyle Walter, Logically’s head of research.

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