Wagner Group: General Surovikin will replace Yevgeny Prigozhin

Information about ex-partner Commander of the Joint Force Group in the Northern Military District Zone appeared on Russian social media channels. Among the entries was a photograph taken during a meeting of the Algerian military command. A general can be found in it Sergey Surovikhin In civilian clothes.

“Sergey Vladimirovich Churovikhin, Even without the post, he is already working” – wrote Russian blogger Sergey Kalashnikov.

Wagner group. Prigozhin will be replaced by Sergei Churovikhin

A few days ago, Duma was a retired member of the Security Council Colonel General Viktor ZavarcinHe announced that the army officer would be given a new rank, Outside the direct structures of the Russian army.

According to the editors of the “VChK-OGPU” channel associated with the Wagner Group, General Surovikhin’s trip to Africa was not accidental.

According to them, the military Wagner was appointed to take over the duties of the team’s current captain Evgeny Prigogine.

Yevgeny Prigozhin was replaced by Sergei Churovikhin

“As the VChK-OGPU found out, the photo of Surovikhin that appeared today was taken in Algeria, where one day he was sent to a meeting with the leadership of the military department of the republic. Despite the official status of the event, Surovikhin wore. Civilian clothes at all meetings, which Confirms his dismissal from the ranks of the Russian Armed Forces“- it was written.

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