Wagner group. A Russian man sentenced to 14 years in prison in 2020 for murder was found guilty again after his return.

Russian Ivan Rosomakin was sentenced to 14 years in prison in 2020 for the murder, then recruited as a so-called mercenary for the war with Ukraine. Wagner’s group returned to its homeland in March and brutally murdered an elderly woman, the independent Russian portal Meduza reported on Thursday.

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The man joined the war as a prisoner in a maximum security penal colony. In March, Rosomach took advantage of a holiday to visit his home village of Novy Burets in the Kirov region of European Russia. On March 29, eight days after the return of the mercenaries, the pensioner’s body was found in the nearby town of Vyatsky Polyany. “The woman was assaulted and then murdered, possibly with a knife. Rosomachin pleaded guilty” – reported Medusa via local media and independent websites and channels on Telegram.

On March 27, city television broadcast a report from Vytskyi Polany, in which residents of Novi Burgh admitted that the entire village lived in fear because of Rosomachin’s behavior. “The man, often drunk, must walk the streets of his hometown brandishing an ax and a kudumi, shouting that he will kill his entire family. The report also reported footage from an industrial camera showing a mercenary smashing car windows with an axe.” – we read in Medusa.

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Representatives of the local police arrested Rosomachin on March 22. A man who was arrested in a public place with an ax and a knife in his hands while drunk was charged under the Petty Thug Act. Officials must reassure residents of Novi Burka that mercenaries will soon return to Ukraine. At the same time, police admitted his behavior was “to be expected”, according to opposition Russian media.

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