Volodymyr Zelensky responds to Putin’s proposal for a ceasefire

  • “Everybody in the world knows how the Kremlin uses gaps in the war to continue with renewed vigor,” Zelensky said.
  • He insisted that Ukraine wanted lasting peace and presented such proposals in November and December, but the Kremlin turned a deaf ear to them.
  • “The war will end when your soldiers leave or we will drive them out,” Ukraine’s president said
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“Everyone in the world knows how the Kremlin uses pauses in the war to continue with renewed vigour. But to end the war quickly, something else is needed. It is necessary for the citizens of Russia to find the courage to free themselves from the shameful fear of a man in the Kremlin for at least 36 hours during the Christmas period,” the Ukrainian president said.

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Zelensky stressed that Ukraine wants a lasting peace and has made similar proposals in the past.

– Today I would like to remind the citizens of Russia of one thing. On November 15, the Ukrainian peace formula was offered. One of its provisions provides for the withdrawal of Russian occupation troops from our territory. “This is a guaranteed and reliable way to stop fires, casualties and war in general,” Zelensky emphasized.

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