Volodymyr Zelensky doubts Ukraine’s membership in NATO

Zelensky shared his doubts during a meeting with students during his visit to the southern Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv. – We don’t know exactly what it will look like (…). The president responded to a question about Ukraine’s chances of joining the alliance by saying that no one can say for sure whether we will be in NATO or not.

Nevertheless, Ukraine will strive for NATO standards and will do everything to ensure that national security is at the highest level – Zelensky promised.

On Wednesday, NATO and Ukraine signed a cooperation plan for 2024, which covers training of armed forces, operational interoperability, energy security, innovation, cyber security, etc.

Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg raised the topic of reforms that Ukraine needs to undertake to move closer to NATO membership in a conversation with officials in Kiev.

Ukraine without an invitation to NATO

During the summit in Vilnius in July, Ukraine did not receive an invitation to join NATO. In order to increase the importance of political relations with Kyiv, it was decided to transform the current NATO-Ukraine Commission into the NATO-Ukraine Council, in which it and all allies will become equal members.

In early April, the Financial Times, citing four diplomatic sources, wrote that the United States, Germany and Hungary oppose the intentions of other NATO countries to propose a “roadmap” to Ukraine’s NATO membership at the Vilnius summit. .

The Russian invasion has been going on for over a year and a half

Since the invasion of Ukraine, Russian officials have maintained a narrative that they are at war there against NATO and the entire West. The war, started by Russian President Vladimir Putin, has been going on for a year and a half and has become the biggest armed conflict in Europe since 1945 and the downfall of Nazi Germany.

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For now, there are no signals from the Kremlin or Kiev that the conflict will end soon. At the same time, there are more and more media reports about behind-the-scenes Western pressure on Ukraine to open negotiations with Moscow, as the war could become destabilizing on the battlefield.

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