Vladimir Putin changes the ruble exchange rate. The first results are visible

Since August, the Kremlin and the Bank of Russia have tried to save the ruble exchange rate and, as a result, control the growing inflation in the country. According to predictions, By the end of the year the price there will be approximately 7 percent. The inflation target is 4%. The deterioration of the Russian currency increased the prices of imported goods in particular.

The Bank of Russia saw the ruble and cent par in August and decided to raise interest rates sharply. Russian currency helped for a while. In October, President Vladimir Putin came to the rescue by ordering the biggest exporters to sell part of their profits in foreign currency.

The consequences? The US dollar fell to 94 rubles on Monday (October 23).. According to analysts cited by Kommersant daily, this is the result of Putin’s decree. It is emphasized that the new regulations have deterred speculators – as the Russian dictator declared.

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Vladimir Putin has denied his campaign

Initially, the Kremlin’s propaganda tried to convince Russian citizens that they should not worry about the expensive US dollar, because they paid in rubles in stores. However, this view was quickly refuted by experts, who explained that products purchased from abroad were more expensive.

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