Virginia man Jose Hernandez-Mancia accused of executing Milligan University runner Eli Kramer

Virginia police have arrested a man suspected of driving to three members of Milligan University’s track and field team, Killing a person Thursday night.

Jose Hernandez Mancia, 26, allegedly beat and killed Milligan University sophomore Eli Kramer while the team was training for an upcoming meet. He escaped the crash site in a red Toyota Scion According to WDBJ.

Authorities detained Mancia after he collided with the average Route 199 near Williamsburg, Virginia.

Mancia was charged with drunk driving, manslaughter, felony hit-and-run, reckless driving, and several other counts.

The school confirmed that Kramer died of his injuries at Sentara Williamsburg Hospital.

Cramer, 20, studied business and was a two-time American runner at Milligan University, a private Christian school near Johnson City, Tenn.

Eli Kramer was fatally hit by a vehicle during a practice race with his colleagues at Milligan University.
Milligan University
Eli Kramer was 20 years old.
Eli Kramer was 20 years old.
Milligan University

“Words cannot express the sadness that flowed through this campus and throughout the Milligan family around the world when we heard the news of the murder of one of our sophomore Eli Kramer,” said Milligan University President Dr Bill Greer. He said at a press conference.

Milligan graduate student Alex Mortimer, 21, and senior Eli Bali, 21, were injured in the accident.

Baldy was discharged from the hospital with a leg and foot injury. The university said Mortimer was seriously injured.

Mortimer, a native of Kentucky, underwent two surgeries and was diagnosed with a fibula fracture and a dislocated shoulder. He also suffered bruises in the lungs and the possibility of a concussion in the brain, according to what he reported Dr. Lee HarrisonMilligan University Vice President for Marketing and Recording.

Milligan sprinters Alex Mortimer (left) and Eli Baldy suffered injuries in a hit-and-run accident near Williamsburg, Virginia.
Milligan sprinters Alex Mortimer (left) and Eli Baldy suffered injuries in a hit-and-run accident near Williamsburg, Virginia.
Milligan University

Milligan University is set to participate in a multi-team meet at the University of William and Mary this weekend.

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“Our deepest sympathies are with the entire Milligan University community and all of those affected by the tragic accident that members of the track and field team experienced on Thursday afternoon,” University of William and Mary He said in a statement.

Authorities said the investigation into the hit-and-run incident was still ongoing.

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