USA: He was diagnosed with cancer. The 16-year-old died a day after the diagnosis

A young woman from the United States started complaining of severe back pain after sports activities. At the hospital, doctors discovered a 16-year-old boy with incurable cancer. The boy died at a medical facility 24 hours after diagnosis.

Kyle Limber of Pennsylvania began complaining to his parents about persistent back pain after a basketball game. A 16-year-old lost his mobility and could not get out of bed on his own.

It was a nightmare. Every time we entered the room it got worse – Kenneth Limber, the boy’s father, told Fox 29.

On April 12, the teenager was admitted to a hospital in Philadelphia. Doctors diagnosed him with advanced leukemia. The boy died a day after the diagnosis.

Nothing in this world can replace the hole Kyle left in our hearts. In her 16-year career, she touched more lives with her selflessness, generosity, friendship and love than most people do in a lifetime.

A 16-year-old boy died of leukemia. His mother recently beat cancer

The boy’s mother, Jodi Taaffe, recently beat cancer herself. “I wouldn’t wish this situation on anyone,” he said.

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Words cannot describe how I feel – included parents in an interview with American media.

The family set up an online fundraiser to pay for the boy’s funeral. The explanation emphasized that relatives wanted to say goodbye to the 16-year-old with dignity. “He strove to make everyone’s life prosperous“- was written.


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