US strikes targets in Syria linked to Iran

Reuters writes that the US military has struck targets in Syria. Facilities in Deir al-Zor province were destroyed.

According to Reuters, Targeted targets are used by Iranian elites and groups linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps..

The U.S. military said in a statement, “The strike was conducted to protect U.S. forces from attacks by Iran-backed groups. It happened on August 15, for example, when a drone struck positions of U.S.-backed Syrian opposition fighters. There were no casualties.”

The Central Command described Tuesday’s attack as a “proportionate and deliberate action to reduce the risk of escalation and to minimize the risk to victims.”“It was not mentioned whether anyone was injured in the attack.

The attack comes as the US seeks to address the EU’s idea of ​​returning to the nuclear deal with Iran. This was rejected by US President Donald Trump in 2015. Joe Biden wants to get back at him.

This is not the first such attack by the US on Iran-related targets. In June last year, the US carried out airstrikes on weapons depots in two locations in Syria and Iraq.

Forces supporting President Bashar al-Assad and armed opposition parties have been fighting in Syria since 2011.. Other supporters of the dictator include Russia and Iran, and the opposition powers of the United States. There are currently about 900 US troops in Syria, most of them in the eastern part of the country. Assad’s forces are concentrated west of the Euphrates River.

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