US General on Russia Threat “Countries like Poland have to wait two weeks”

General Ben Hodges, the former commander of US ground forces in Europe, said in an interview with CNN that if Russia invaded one of the countries of the North Atlantic alliance, one should know that NATO forces would need more. Days for them to transport equipment and military units to join the fray.

He emphasized that it is important for every country to be prepared for effective security.

Assuming we do not start preparations in advance, we will have to wait two weeks for the arrival of additional troops in Romania and other countries, Poland and Lithuania. If you think about how NATO’s defense is structured, especially forward battle groups, first strike forces, air defense, ground defense, navy, etc., the main part of defense is understood. He said that the country should be alone with the enemy and that the Air Force and Navy could arrive earlier.

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General Hodges analyzes the invasion scenario. “Will they have the courage to act before the attack?”

Hodges explained that the two weeks he specified would be used to organize troops from the remaining coalition nations. In an interview with CNN, in the context of expanding the defense capabilities of the eastern region, he indicated anticipatory measures.

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