United States. Lily is missing Peters. The girl’s body was found. Residents are being asked to “beware”

Police found the body of a 10-year-old girl in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin (USA) on Monday morning, local time. Lily Peters walked home the day before to see her aunt, but it did not come. The police chief urges city residents to “stay on guard because public safety may be in jeopardy”.

Ileana Peters, popularly known as Lily, was a fourth-grader at Chippewa Falls Elementary School. On Sunday, he met his aunt, who said goodbye in the evening and left for a house four blocks away. His father lodged a complaint with the police as he did not return home even at night.

A search involving dogs and drones patrolling the surrounding forest was launched immediately. Officers searched around the girl’s lane and walked from house to house there. At night, near my aunt’s residence, they found Lily’s bicycle.

Ileana ‘Lily’ PetersIleana ‘Lily’ PetersChippewa Falls Police Department

On Monday, at about 9:15 local time, they found his body. The boys lay their bodies in the trees near the path where bicycles, runners and pedestrians go. No further details were released at a press conference convened by the police as the investigation is ongoing.

Public safety may be at risk

Matthew Kelm, police chief at Chippewa Falls, said the murder was only suspected. However, no arrests have been made so far in the case, so he advised city residents to “be careful as it could endanger public safety.” He was also asked to provide useful information. The investigation is being carried out in collaboration with several police forces at various levels, Lily Peters’ family and the school she attended.

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Lily PetersChippewa Falls Police Department

Neighbors remember her as a happy little girl who often played with other children on the path near where her body was found. The Chippewa Falls Community organized a night vigil at the local church, during which residents mourned Lily’s death and prayed for her soul.

Main photo source: Chippewa Falls Police Department

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