Unexpected words from a Russian researcher. “This conflict must end”

Military analyst and retired colonel Mikhail Kodarionok assessed the situation on the front during the “60 Minutes” program on Rossiya 1, hosted by “Putin’s iron puppet” Olga Skabeeva.

“Whose side is time now?” Ours or the Ukrainians? asked Olga Skabeeva. In response to Kotarinok, he asked: “In my opinion, with each delivery, with each delivery of Western equipment, the armed forces of Ukraine acquire more offensive, operational and combat capabilities,” he said. Then he unequivocally judged, “So now time is on their side.”

Then he added Russia Everything must be done to end the war: “We must end this conflict as soon as possible, in my opinion,” he said.

On the occasion of these words, Sodaryonok’s report began to circulate online from May 2022. And in the “60 Minutes” program, he warned that “the situation with Russia will worsen” over time as Ukraine receives more and more support. West.

At that time, he also spoke about the soldiers of Ukraine. “They have a great need to protect their homeland. Ultimate victory on the battlefield is determined by the supreme morale of soldiers who shed their blood for the ideas they are willing to fight for, he said almost a year ago.

He pointed out that Russia’s biggest problem at the time was “political isolation” and that “the world is against Russia, even if it doesn’t admit it.” He assessed that it was not normal for a coalition of 42 countries to oppose a country.

Source: Twitter, BBC

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