Ukrainians themselves produce precision weapons. The expert mentions the best varieties

The weapon, developed in Ukraine, was assessed by Oleh Zhdanov, an expert on military affairs, in an interview with TV channel 24. According to him, the Stukna anti-tank missile system has proven to be very effective so far. Designed in Kiev, these missiles are designed to destroy both moving and stationary targets.

As Zhdanov points out, the Stugna system is widely used by the Ukrainian army at the front. Since the start of the conflict, records have appeared online showing Russian tanks being destroyed by these missiles.

The military expert also praises the Neptune Coastal Missile System. The weapon, developed in Ukraine, became popular in April This type of missile hit the Russian ship Moscowleading to its sinking.

The introduction of Neptunes to the Ukrainian military is a response to Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014, which resulted in Kiev losing most of its fleet. The Ukrainian Armed Forces faced the need to quickly strengthen the defense of the Black Sea coast.

Oleh Zhdanov also points to the effectiveness of the Vilsa missile system in an interview with TV channel 24 KanaƂ. The missiles were approved by the Ukrainian military in 2018, and the first supplies were placed in its warehouses the following year. Zhdanov points out that the Vilsa-M is as accurate as the American Himars and has an advantage over them in terms of range, even by 50 km.

proof’s: Channel 24

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