Ukrainians say Russian victory in Chasiv Yar would put 'last bastion' in Donetsk region at risk – POLITICO

Chasev Yar is a city of strategic importance located 10 kilometers from Bakhmut. Located on commanding heights, it is useful for defense and gives control over the surrounding area. It is currently under the full control of Kiev but is also subject to… Continuous attack by Russian forces.

“This is the dominant height in the region, and controlling it will allow the Russian invaders, if they achieve this, to significantly simplify the advance in the direction of Kostyantinevka and the direction of Slovyansk and Kramatorsk,” Voloshin said.

Voloshin added that the Kremlin ordered that Chasev Yar must be seized before May 9, the day on which Russia celebrates the Soviet victory in World War II, and which is a sacred day for Russian military propaganda, which desperately needs to achieve a major victory on the war front.

Russian military bloggers Certain Chasev Yar represents an important milestone on the way to occupying the entire Donetsk region and achieving one of the “main goals of the special operation that Putin set for them.”

Ukrainian forces have so far “literally dug into the ground” to repel daily enemy attacks, Oleksandr Syrsky, commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian army, said. He said in a statement Sunday.

Russian forces were using their superiority in troop numbers to organize attacks in small groups with the support of artillery and aviation, leveling civilian buildings and vital infrastructure with aerial bombs and artillery, and then sending their forces to storm reinforced Ukrainian positions. Russia recently redeployed its forces from the nearby Liman region to Chasev Yar.

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