Ukrainian intelligence: Russian political elites seek contact with us

What did the Ukrainian intelligence representative say? – Russian elites already understood that many members (invasion of Ukraine – version) was a big mistake and crime, and the end will be tragic for Russia. That’s why they look for different ways to save themselves, Yusov admitted.

What do Russian elites want to achieve? The HUR representative stressed that the Russians contacting Kiev are not thinking about how to change the situation in their own country, but are guided only by their own interests.

The rest of the article is below the video:

Where is the problem? According to Yuzo, the biggest threat to Vladimir Putin is currently posed by people outside the circle of close allies of the dictator, while the reasons for the invasion of Ukraine are of a systemic nature and inextricably linked to the prevailing political system in Russia.

Concept of power structure in Russia. “The decision to launch a full-scale war is largely a result of the Russian government model. Today’s Russia is a closed society, within authoritarian power structures. There is no room for debate or pluralism. This decision was made by one person, not very educated and competent, so the consequences for Russia will be disastrous,” the Ukrainian military said. .

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