Ukrainian intelligence: Russia has begun deploying Shahed drones on its territory

“After the recent attacks using Shahed drones, we found elements that prove that unmanned aerial vehicles are already connected in Russia,” Skibicki said in an interview with the RBK Ukraine portal.

This is evidenced by, among other things, the large number of Russian components in used drones. In addition, Skibiki said that the Ukrainian side is aware of Russian plans to increase the production of Shahed drones on its own territory.

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Drone war between Russia and Ukraine

In the second half of this year, the Russians want to produce 1.3 thousand. The Zeran-2 drones, which are practically the Iranian Shahed, are to be used for production of both foreign and domestic components.

According to the representative of HUR, Russia cannot currently produce these machines in large numbers. The Ukrainian side collects information on the volume and location of production and plants involved in the supply of components.

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