Ukrainian ethnic groups celebrated their birthdays with a cake in the shape of Russia. “cut into small pieces” [ZDJCIE] | News from around the world

Wednesday, January 4, boss Ukrainian Kirill Budanov, head of military intelligence, celebrated his birthday. A photo of a soldier with an unusual cake has gone viral on social media.

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Why are the Russians attacking critical infrastructure in Ukraine?

Ukraine. The head of intelligence is a cake in the shape of Russia

Budanov celebrated his 37th birthday on Wednesday. According to Freya Ukraine’s profile on Twitter, under the military gift Among other things, he received a cake in the shape of Russia. “Should be cut into small pieces,” the group writes. On the cake map of Russia, we can see the “Central Russian Republic” and the Far Eastern regions marked with the letter “K”.

Recently, Budanov gave an interview to the portal On the military desk was a “shredded” map Russia” – As in the aforementioned cake. – Kursk, Belgorod and Kuban are marked with a black marker as part of Ukraine – specific journalists at that time asked about the “next stage” of the restoration of the territories.

– Everyone sees what they want to see. Perhaps this is a broad tag. Or maybe not, – answered Budanov.

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The Ukrainians eliminated the Russian. in quarters. There were about 80 Russians there

Ukraine: The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the military assistance of the West

Kyiv is awaiting the next meeting of Western countries on arms deliveries. This was stated by the Ukrainian leader M.F.A Dmytro Kuleba. At the same time, he communicated what kind of weapons Ukrainian soldiers need when defending themselves against Russian aggression.

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The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine noted that this will be the delivery of subsequent batches of weapons that will have a decisive impact on ending the war. As he emphasized, a Ramstein-style donor gathering is soon to be held. Dimitro Cuba He emphasized that his country is waiting for air defense systems

As he noted, Ukrainian authorities will negotiate further deliveries of NASAMS, IRIS-T and Crotale systems. Ukraine is also interested in acquiring additional Gebhardt and Vulkan anti-aircraft guns and small Stinger systems, he said.

Dmytro Kuleba pointed out that his country also needed armored weapons – here he pointed to German weapons. shortness of breath leopard Among the pressing needs, he listed artillery and ammunition.

According to the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, preparations for the transfer of American patriots to the Dnieper have begun. US officials pledged the battery of launchers during President Zelensky’s December visit Washington.

A woman walks past the monument to Russian special forces soldiers in St. Petersburg, Russia on January 3, 2023.Medvedev on Russian soldiers: obvious anti-intellectualism, brutality

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