Ukrainian drones flew hundreds of kilometers. Russia “trembles” after latest attacks

On Tuesday, April 2, Ukraine launched an attack on a drone factory in Tatarstan. Analysts at the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) estimated that these events caused concern and panic among Russian officials.

ISW: Russian fears of April 2 attacks are growing

ISW recalled a statement by Rustam Minnikano, president of Tatarstan, calling on Russians to “wake up and not wait for their cities to be protected by air defense” after the attack. “The most sensitive link” is the energy facilities of the Russian Federation, the politician said.

Analysts believe that such public statements by Russian officials can be interpreted as a sign of growing concerns. “Russian concerns are growing after the April 2 attacks because they understand the Defense Ministry's inability to protect cities and critical infrastructure from drone attacks,” ISW reports.

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Experts also recalled that Russian military sources recently said that mobile groups were created to combat drones.

“This indicates that Russia cannot deploy conventional air defense systems to protect all critical facilities. According to ISW, the April 2 Ukrainian attacks on targets in Tatarstan would represent a significant breach of long-range strike capabilities – reaching remote areas. Russia.” We read in the analysis of the company.

Attack on Tatarstan – Ukraine's “special operation”

A Ukrainian drone strike was launched over Tatarstan shortly after midnight on Tuesday. The region is a thousand kilometers from the border with Ukraine. An interlocutor told the Ukrainian Union Agency that it was a “special operation” of military intelligence in Kiev.

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The Ukrainians attacked a factory in Yelabak where Iranian-made Shahed drones, which the Russians call Zeran-2, are assembled, as well as a refinery in Nizhnekamsk. No aircraft was used to attack the factory.

ISW called the attack “one of the deepest blows to the rear of the Russian Federation”. Reuters, in turn, emphasized that Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles traveled almost 1.3 thousand kilometers. Kilometers.

The Hit refinery is Russia's third largest facility. The plant was responsible for three percent of the country's crude oil production annually.

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