Ukrainian counterattack traps Russian forces facing Dnipro

A Ukrainian official reports that Ukrainian forces have surrounded Russian forces facing the Dnipro River amid a counterattack to retake occupied lands in the south.

Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putin He launched his “special military operation” on the Eastern European country on February 24, hoping to see a quick victory. However, Ukraine responded with a stronger-than-expected defense, preventing Putin’s forces from achieving any substantive goals in the nearly seven months of conflict.

In recent weeks, Ukraine’s successes have allowed them to launch their counterattacks to retake previously occupied territories in the southern and eastern regions of the country. The counterattack near Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city, seemed to have taken Russia by surprise, forcing it to withdraw from major cities such as Izyum.

The second counteroffensive in Kherson – a southern city strategically located near Crimea, a region annexed by Russia in 2014 – saw slower progress since it began in August. Russia and Ukraine continue to fight for control of the region, with British intelligence indicating that Moscow is now stepping up its attacks against civilian infrastructure. Amidst the losses.

Pictured above are Ukrainian soldiers outside the city of Izyum, Ukraine, on September 17. Ukrainian forces were said to have surrounded Russian forces facing the Dnipro River amid their counter-offensive to retake occupied territories in the south, according to a Ukrainian official.
Juan Barreto/AFP via Getty Images

However, some Russian forces now found themselves “trapped” between the Ukrainian forces and the Dnipro River. Monday channel.

“The fire control that we maintain at the crossings and transport arteries across the Dnipro River makes them understand that they are trapped between the Defense Forces and the Right Bank – units located in this part of the Kherson region,” she said, according to The New Voice of Ukraine.

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She added that the Russian forces were offered a way out “under the supervision of international humanitarian law” or had the opportunity to return home.

Homniuk also said she has received information that Russian forces are frustrated and that some see no need to remain trapped among Ukrainian forces at the Dnipro River, according to New Voice of Ukraine.

Russian losses continue amid Ukrainian counterattacks

Homniuk’s comments come just a day after Britain’s Ministry of Defense announced that Russia, facing mounting setbacks, may Increased targeting of civilian infrastructure Including strikes against the Ukrainian power grid “in an attempt to directly undermine the morale of the Ukrainian people and government”.

The Kremlin has also continued to target Ukrainian power plants in recent days. Ukrainian army on Monday Video released It shows the exact moment when a Russian missile exploded 900 feet from the Pevdnokrainsk nuclear power plant. The attack came amid already existing fears that Russian attacks on nuclear plants could lead to a nuclear disaster in Ukraine.

NEWSWEEK I contacted the Russian Ministry of Defense for comment.

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