Ukraine’s border guard: Russia wants to transfer 2,000 of their soldiers from Belarus to Donbass

According to data from the State Border Service of Ukraine (DPSU), the Russian army plans to move 2,000 troops to Donbass. With 4,000 of its troops currently in Belarus, DPSU spokesman Andriy Demchenko said Wednesday.

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War in Ukraine

A spokesman for the border guard, quoted by the Zaspilne website, said Russia was rotating its forces in Belarus. Those units that completed their preparations on the territory of Belarus return to Russia. According to DPSU data, about 2,000 are now planned to be withdrawn from Belarus. Army soldiers, then to join the fight in Donbass.

Demchenko recalled that earlier the DPSU estimated the number of Russian military personnel at 4,000.

He also said that there has been no change in the nature and number of Belarusian military units stationed on the border with Ukraine.

Russian military personnel are stationed in Belarus mainly as part of the so-called regional group of forces. First, these are units consisting of newly mobilized soldiers. After training in Belarus, these troops are sent to Ukraine.

Last year the number of Russian troops in Belarus reached a maximum of 12,000. People, later estimates spoke of 10,000. The Ukrainian side recently put their number at 4,000.

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