Ukraine: The Russians attacked the railway station in Kramatorsk. At least 39 people have been affected

“Two Russian rockets hit the station area. (…) It was a deliberate attack on Gramadorka’s civilian and railway infrastructure,” the statement said.

Journalist Tadeusz Giczan wrote that pro-Russian channels in the Telegram “deliberately fired on a crowd of Ukrainian militants at the railway station in Gramatorsk,” before it became clear that the missile had hit civilians.

According to Giczan, “Another Russian channel last night advised the public in Kramatorsk and nearby cities not to get off the train.” “In the morning, the Russian Defense Ministry admitted to firing rockets at three train stations around Gramadorsk, but not in Gramadorsk,” he added.

The missiles launched by the Russians were named “for children”.

Zhelensky: Russian monsters do not stand still

– The invaders fired Tosca-U missiles at a train station in Kramatorsk, where thousands of Ukrainian civilians waited for evacuation. Nearly 30 deaths and nearly 100 people have been injured to varying degrees. President Zhelensky said police and emergency services were already in place.

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– Russian monsters will not stand in their way. They do not have the strength or courage to oppose us on the battlefield, so they attack the civilian population in a cynical manner – the President added.

Van der Lion: This is a despicable attack

“The rocket attack on the railway station this morning to evacuate civilians in Ukraine is despicable. I am shocked by the victims and personally express my condolences to President Zhelensky.”“My thoughts are with the families of the victims,” โ€‹โ€‹wrote Ursula van der Leyen, chair of the European Commission.

“Once again, horror in Ukraine,” said Luigi de Mayo, head of the Italian Foreign Ministry.

“Strong condemnation. We all want peace, not much time to waste: immediate ceasefire,” said the head of Italian diplomacy.

Sky News: The operation of the station was uninterrupted

It is not possible to confuse the operation of the railway station in Gramadorsk with the evacuation site – a reporter for the British Sky News Station, who visited the site a few days ago, insisted that he had been attacked by Russian forces on Friday. Television reports say Gramadorsk is next to Buxa and Mariupol on the list of places where Russians have openly committed war crimes.

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“There are photos of dead bodies and torn bodies on social media, and it looks like another shocking act of aggression by the Russian military against civilians,” the Sky News reporter said.

Sparks went to the train station in Gramadorsk and insisted that people trying to get out of the city were gathering there. “There were long queues outside the front door, and there were people of all ages boarding the exit train to the city of Lviv in the west of Ukraine,” he said.

Evacuation of residents is underway

Kramatorsk is a city in the Donetsk region with a population of 150,000. Russian troops are evacuating residents from the northwest, from near the isthmus in the Kharkiv region, to Kramatorsk and Slaviansk due to attacks.

The main goal of the operation was to unite the Russian forces and the pro-Russian “People’s Republics” (Donetsk and Lukansk – Ed.) Operating around Donetsk and Horlovka. A successful attack could encircle a large contingent of Ukrainian troops and pose a threat to local people.

Zdr / PAP / Reuters

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