Ukraine. The Russians are ruining the country. Statistics, photos and analysis of maritime traffic

In 2021, the Ministry of Agriculture Policy and Food of Ukraine elevated its country to one of the three largest grain suppliers in the world, with a larger agricultural land area than Italy, writes Maxar Technologies in its analysis. The “European granary” – also known as Ukraine – is under threat from Russian occupation, however, as it is difficult or impossible to cultivate and export existing stocks, the US company said.

Maxer Weatherdesk used satellite imagery to assess the condition of agricultural crops. Ukraine For June 2022. The company predicts that corn production will decline by 54 percent by 2021 and sunflower production by 40 percent. Maxar meteorologists explained that these plants are sown in Ukraine in April and May. At that time, many farmers had to leave their fields to defend their country. For others, farm work continued to stifle fights and prevent limited access to seeds.

Analysis shows that Ukrainian farmers cultivate 30 percent less acreage compared to the same period last year, which translates to a difference of 5.8 million hectares. The largest difference was recorded in the sown area of ​​Chernihiv Oblast (68.8 per cent less), Cytomir (67.2 per cent less), Rivne (64.1 per cent less), Poltava (63 per cent less) and Sumi (62.2 per cent less).

Analysts point out that this year’s crops, among other things, could be badly affected by restricted access to fertilizers, among other things.

Russian soldier on the field near Melidopol PAP / EPA / Sergei Ilnitsky

The Russians carry Ukrainian grain

Another aspect of the American company’s attention is the theft of previously harvested crops by the Russians. In late May, Maxar Technologies released satellite images of the Russian cargo ship Metro Postovy in Sevastopol, a few days later reached the port in Latakia, Syria.. CNN, an American broadcaster, estimates that the ship may have contained 30,000 tons of grain.

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Matros Pozar ship in Maxar Technologies satellite imageMaxer

Maxar adds that this is not an isolated case, as photos taken on June 12 show another ship docked in Sevastopol and loaded with grain.

In an interview with Courier Della Serra at the end of May, the Deputy Director General United Nations Food and Agriculture (FAO) Maurizio Martina stressed that at least six million tons of grain and about 14 million tons of corn have been blocked in Ukrainian ports.

Syria “center of stolen grain in Ukraine”

Meanwhile, Schema’s investigation from Radio Svoboda’s Ukrainian editorial office found that in May alone, 180,000 Russians could be deported from Ukraine. Tons of grain worth about EUR 70 million. The authors of the text relied on the data of the maritime transportation website and the parameters of the total carriers departing from the port of Sevastopol.

Citing satellite imagery of Planet Labs, Scheme said that in May, columns of grain trucks flew several times over occupied territories from southern Ukraine and the Kersen region. Russia Crimea – including. Via the villages of Czonhar and Armiańsk. A portion of the grain was exported directly to Russia. The Russians took grain from grain depots in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Scheme documented that at least 12 grain ships arrived in the port of Sevastopol in May alone, based on Planet Labs satellite imagery.

Russian soldier at the port in the occupied Bertiansk PAP / EPA / Sergei Ilnitsky

As the authors of the investigation write, with the radars turned off, the ships approached Avlida, the largest grain terminal in the Crimea. Photographs taken by journalists of Radio Svoboda in the Crimea confirm this.

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Ukrainian journalists refer to Deputy Minister of Agriculture Taraz Vysokiy as saying that the Russians were trying to sell grain in various countries. Inside Egypt Lebanon, however, was rejected there. Eventually, she became a buyer SyriaIt “supports the invaders and is a gray area”. Systematic speakers say Syria has become “an agricultural hub for grain stolen from Ukraine.”

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / Sergei Ilnitsky

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