Ukraine: The Chechens’ elite group was about to assassinate Zhelensky. They were shot

  • The people of Kadir must have been behind many of the killings, including. Journalists Anna Politkovskaya and politician Boris Nemtsov
  • In the past, Kadyrov has supported Putin during the wars in Georgia and Syria. He supported and supported his operations in eastern Ukraine, including the annexation of Crimea
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– We followed them. One group was stationed at Hostomel, the other is now on fire. We will not give our president or country to anyone. Danilov said that this is our land.

Onin journalist Marcin Wirewall in Kiev reports on the case.

The rest of the text below the video.

They are spreading terror in Chechnya. Who are the supporters of Putin?

Although Ramadan Kadyrov fought against Russia in the 1990s, he sided with Vladimir Putin in later years. According to journalist Anna Politkovskaya, in the village of Centroz he organized a torture chamber for political opponents. He is the head of the brutal security service, which is the private army of the Kadyrov clan.

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On February 23, a post appeared on social media in which the Russian leader Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov announces that his troops will soon find themselves in Ukraine. On Saturday, the words were confirmed and Kadyrov said Chechen soldiers had been sent to the ongoing battle. The branch was to calculate about 4 thousand. The most loyal soldiers from the “Południe” battalion.

There are many indications that their presence at the forefront has not yet been successful. The Kadrovki family was to attack the Hostomal airport near Kiev. From a strategic point of view, this is the most important point on the map of Ukraine. His acquisition would allow the Russians to land. According to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the commander of the “southern” battalion, Makhmet Tushayev, was about to record significant casualties and was killed in the fighting..

A Russian convoy approaches Kiev. It is about 30 km

As the missile attack in Kiev intensifies, a large contingent of Russian troops is heading for the Ukrainian capital. Satellite photos show the Russian convoy being about 30 kilometers long. According to the company, the Maxar has hundreds of armored vehicles, tanks, fuel tanks, infantry vehicles and self-propelled artillery.

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They are located on the T-1011 road of the Hostomal airport, which Russia fought in the first days of the invasion of Ukraine. About 30 km from Kiev. The Russians are encircling the Ukrainian capital and trying to block the Kiev-Cytomir route.

Since the start of the Russian offensive, the total estimated enemy casualties have been 5,000. The Ukrainian military said 710 people had been killed and 200 captured. So far, the Ukrainians have destroyed or damaged 29 aircraft, 29 helicopters and 198 tanks, among others.

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