Ukraine surprised Putin. Nothing scares Russia

Long, curved pieces of gray plastic lay on large wooden tables. There is a strong smell of glue in the air. Workers sit under bright table lamps and assemble the drones' wings, fuselage and tips. Almost all work is done by hand. Vitaliy Golnisenko stands in the middle of the hall wearing an olive green fleece jacket. As the head of the company, he takes care of people's work with satisfaction. — This is my masterpiece – says the 36-year-old engineer, pointing to the 1.5m-long drone.

President Volodymyr Zelensky relies on such institutions. They are responsible for the area Production of combat and surveillance drones for the Ukrainian army. Arms aid from the West can no longer be taken for granted. Last year, then-Chief of Defense General Valery Zalushny wrote in a strategic document that Kiev needed a lot of ammunition, drones and missiles to win a war with Russia. “It's better,” according to Załużny, that the equipment should be “our own product.”

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