Ukraine. Soldiers shoot down a Russian Ka-52 helicopter with a Soviet Igla launcher

Ukrainian soldiers shoot down a Russian Ka-52 helicopter in the Kharkiv region with a Soviet Igla missile. They said a $ 15 million helicopter was destroyed by a $ 100 gun.

Soldiers of the 93rd Chołodny Jar Regiment shot down a Ka-52 helicopter with a Soviet-made Igla missile. “It was pathetic to lose a stinger on them [produkowaną w USA wyrzutnię – przyp. red.]That’s why Russian Ka-52 was shot with an ordinary needle, “Operational Command East wrote on social media, posting photos of the destroyed machine.

According to information provided by Facebook by the Ukrainian command, the downed “Russian helicopter was worth about $ 15 million”, and the weapons used to destroy it “cost $ 100”.

Russian helicopter

Russian helicopter shot down. Officer Account

Eastern Operation Command in a social media post quoting an officer of the 93rd Regiment. He said Russian helicopters flew very low and circled at night Ukrainian Positions. – An air defense boy assigned to my subdivision fired two rockets at them. One hit the heat engine, but the other shot down the Ka-53, the officer said.

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