Ukraine showed the world that Crimea is Ukrainian

Tuesday, near Jankoi A series of bombings occurred in northern CrimeaHe consumed the explosives. Last week, explosions ripped through a Russian air force base on the peninsula, destroying fighter jets.

Ukraine has not officially claimed responsibility, but has done so indirectly. The world media has indicated that Ukraine’s apparent ability to strike Russian-occupied territories more deeply with some form of weapons or sabotage points to a turning point in the conflict.

Ukraine’s actions in the war

According to reports, operations in the Crimea region may have been carried out by the special services of Ukraine. On Wednesday, Roman Bolko commented on the matter on Polish Radio 24. – The services and special forces are not proud of their achievements. They often do so only years after the war. I hope that these are both acts of sabotage, and that Ukraine finally has weapons that allow it to strike deep in the rear – ammunition depots, Russian command posts, for example, in Crimea, 200 km from the border line. The fighting forces said the general.

According to the former commander of GROM, the situation in Crimea proves that “Ukraine finally showed the world that Crimea is Ukrainian.” – Some Russians realized it just now, because they spread there so much, they decided to spend their holidays in this area – he said.

Firing on targets in Crimea

CNN said Wednesday Ukraine was responsible for three missile attacks At Sagi Air Base in Novofedorivka, Crimea. The events took place last week.

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An anonymous source was cited, and a Ukrainian government official confirmed the information on condition of anonymity because he is not an authorized person to disseminate such news to the public.

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