Ukraine. Services intercepted a conversation between a Russian woman and her son. A woman in Russian losses: they are underestimated

Ukrainian services intercepted a conversation between a Russian woman and her son, in which she complained that information about Russian casualties in Ukraine had been misrepresented in Russia. He also worries about “who will earn the Russian pension” – Ukrainian military intelligence said on Sunday.

In the excerpt from the conversation, the wife of a Russian military officer from Buryasia first advises him to leave the army. He argues that there is no basis for the legal consequences of threatening a military command.

“Who will earn our pension?”

The man’s mother later complained about the “fake news” about the Russian losses through the media in Russia. “The United States and Ukraine report the highest number of Russian worker losses,” he says. – It is 18 to 25 years old. Who will earn our leisure time? nobody is here. There will be no rest (…) – says.

The woman also complained that the “special operation” did not know how long it would last, as Russia had called for an invasion of Ukraine.

At the same time – continues the woman quoted by Ukrainian services – only the celebrations of various holidays are shown on television. “99 years Ulan Ude (capital of Buryatia – Ed.) – a great concert! They do not care that they hide the boys in Buryatia every day from Ukraine” – he concludes.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / ALESSANDRO GUERRA

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