Ukraine. SBU: A Russian soldier intercepts a conversation with his father. “Hat, f ****, us *** and put it on that commander’s head”

The Defense Service of Ukraine (SBU) said on Tuesday that Russian soldiers had lost faith in their commanders and were preparing for an uprising, citing intercepted conversations. She quoted the content of one of them – between a Russian soldier and his father.

SBU published the content of the conversation in a telegram. A soldier trying to survive with his army in the Kharkiv region must tell his father: “They stand up and shoot them, and the commander of the brigade: ‘Do not go back!’. And he sits down. Somewhere in bed, maybe drunk!”.

The enraged father replied that he would not “refuse” to risk his life, and to avenge the commander for such an attitude, he advises: “As soon as you get out of there, you put on the epaulettes, the hat, ** * punch us in the commander’s head, and let him walk away and wipe them.” Let’s fuck with such a war, f *** “.

It dawned on him, albeit belatedly, that “beautiful, strong, powerful generals” were only on television. Ukraine’s armed forces commented in an intercepted SBU conversation that they would ensure that the occupier had no commanders or soldiers. could not confirm the authenticity of this conversation.

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Main photo source: Abaca / BAP / EPA

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