Ukraine – Russia. What happens to Russian officers who refuse to fight and follow orders?

Russian officers who refused to fight and obey orders on the frontline of the war with Ukraine were taken to a prison in the Luhansk region, where they may have been killed, Radio Svoboda reported Friday, citing findings by the independent Astra website. At least five officers are known by name.

Russian officers questioned their superiors’ orders and refused to fight Ukraine, were detained and arrested in the Luhansk region and then disappeared. Radio Svoboda reported on Friday, citing findings from the Astra website, that the disobedient army had probably been killed.

We are talking about at least five officers. For example, according to independent media, senior lieutenant Ruslan Levanov in July refused to attack enemy positions and seize territory controlled by Ukrainians “at all costs” without taking into account human losses. So the officer wrote a report in which he applied to be released from service, after which he would be transported in the trunk of a car to the “combat capacity rehabilitation center,” a detention center in the occupied city of Priyanka in Luhansk. region, the jailed soldier’s mother reported as quoted by Radio Svoboda.

Russian soldiers Abaca/PAB/EPA

Those arrested were “transferred to some basement” and their families lost contact with them. In September, it was reported that five of these officers had been killed in artillery fire during clashes in July. However, independent media reported that the rebel soldiers may have been killed during “educational classes” at a “re-education center” in Priyanka, where torture and physical violence are commonplace, according to their comrades.

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Arrested, imprisoned and killed

Contract players with RussiaIndependent media reported that those who no longer wanted to fight in Ukraine were arrested near Luhansk. The prisoners there have to be fed once a day. The independent Russian Mediazona portal, which had already been warned in mid-July, did not accept or consider their statements refusing to fight.

In November, it was reported that particularly harsh methods were being used at a Kremlin-linked private military firm called the Wagner Group. Mercenaries who refuse to continue participating in the Russian invasion of Ukraine or leave Ukraine face the death penalty there.

Main photo source: Abaca/PAB/EPA

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