Ukraine. Russia recognized the independence of the self-proclaimed republics in Donbass. The world condemns Moscow’s actions [Relacja na żywo – 22 lutego]

The British Foreign Office explained the sanctions imposed on Russia.

They were introduced in accordance with the updated rules issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on February 10, according to which sanctions may be imposed by individuals and organizations directly involved in destabilizing Ukraine and its independence and undermining regional integrity, but only by individuals and in the interests of Russia.

It also prohibits the freezing of assets of companies and persons in the territory of Great Britain, the prohibition of all financial transactions with them by British citizens and entities, and the entry of natural persons subject to sanctions. United Kingdom.

The assets of the five banks involved in financing the Russian occupation have been frozen with immediate effect.. These include the Rosija Bank, which is particularly closely associated with the Kremlin, the Black Sea Development and Reconstruction Bank, which was formed in 2014 after the annexation of Crimea, the IS Bank and General Bank (Zenbank) and the Bromswiysbank, which supported the operation against Ukraine. (PSB) plays a key role in supporting the Russian defense establishment.

Self-interest groups targeted by sanctions include Janet Timchenko, Boris Rottenberg and Igor Rottenberg..

Timchenko He is the founder of the Volga Group, a Luxembourg-based private investment group that specializes in investing in energy, transport and infrastructure assets. As of April 2021, his net worth was 14.5 billion, ranking 96th in Bloomberg’s global list of billionaires and the sixth richest in Russia. He is a citizen of Russia, Finland and Armenia. As one of Russia’s most powerful figures, he has close ties to President Putin and was therefore subject to US sanctions in 2014.

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Boris Rottenberg He is a millionaire and co-owner of SGM, the largest construction company involved in the installation of gas pipelines and electrical connections in Russia. In January 2022, Forbes estimated his wealth at nearly 1 billion. The Rottenberg brothers were hit by US sanctions and their assets were frozen in 2014 due to their close ties to Vladimir Putin. The Rottenberg brothers have known Putin since childhood in St. Petersburg. Boris Rottenberg is a former professional judo coach and partner of the Russian president.

Igor Rottenberg
He is the eldest son and heir of a billionaire businessman, Arkady Rottenberg, who co-owns the SGM Group with his brother Boris. He currently controls the Casprom Purnijay drilling company. In October 2018, Igor Rottenberg’s assets were valued at nearly 1 billion. It has been under US sanctions since 2018.

As Foreign Minister Liz Truss insisted, This is the beginning of obstacles As Russia increases its occupation, they will expand.

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