Ukraine. Nationwide bomb alert. Among others shot residential building on the Dnieper | World news

In the afternoon, aerial warnings were issued across Ukraine. People were asked to stay hidden.

In the city of Dnieper, a rocket hit a nine-story apartment building. Many people were trapped in the rubble. At least 10 people were injured. Local authorities said in the afternoon that at least 15 people had been rescued.

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It is also dangerous in other parts of the country. Maksym Kozycki, head of the Lviv regional state administration, later handed over 15 “The enemy attacked an important infrastructure facility in the Lviv region.” He noted, “light failure is possible and Water“.

Then 16 reported the end of the alarm and residents of the Lviv region leaving their shelters.

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Winter is getting tougher for Ukrainians this year. Lack of electricity, heat and water is a major problem

War in Ukraine. Bomb alert

“Explosions are heard in Kiev. Air defense is active now. Stay in shelters! Terrorist attack on Ukraine continues,” he said on Saturday. 15 Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko on social media.

Ukrinform, in turn, reported on five enemy aircraft carriers at sea Black.

The attacks began in the morning from Kiev

Russian Saturday morning Army Kiev Shell Kharkov with missiles and others.

From 8.30 am in the capital of Ukraine Polish A lot of explosions were heard. Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko wrote in a Telegram that the explosions took place in the Dnibrovsk district. On the other side of the river, fragments of rockets also fell in the district of Holozivskyi. This is an undeveloped area, no casualties.

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Adviser to Ukraine’s foreign minister, Anton Herashchenko, said in the morning that he had received information that rockets were about to be launched from the area. BelarusFrom the vicinity of Baranavichi town.

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