Ukraine. MSW: The Azovstall metallurgical plant at Mariupol was destroyed by the Russians

Adviser to Vadim Denishenko, head of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, spoke about the current fight over the Azovstel plant, one of Europe’s largest metallurgical plants. The plants are located in Mariupol, which was besieged by the Russians. The plants are almost completely destroyed – added Denysenko.

– According to our information, we have lost this economic monster. In fact, one of Europe’s largest metallurgical plants was (systematically) destroyed (…). We must understand that Putin personally ordered the destruction of this city – quoting Denisenko’s words on one of the Ukrainianform Agency television stations.

Putin’s military goal is the economic destruction of Ukraine

– It is obvious that this is one of his main goals in this war. Regardless of how the war ends and what happens next, his (Putin’s) goal is not to militarize Ukraine, but to industrialize it. So Denisenko estimated that we would have to rebuild our plants for the next decades.

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A few hours later, the director of Azovstel Enver Citiesville announced that the plant could be rebuilt.

– Too soon to say that the race has stopped forever. We will return to the city, rebuild the plant, revitalize it, work on it and make Ukraine as popular as ever, because Mariupol Ukraine and Azovstel Ukraine, the director of Azovstalin, Ukraine’s second-largest metal plant, said Siddiqui.

He claimed to have been hit by two missiles by Azovstal, one of which hit the press.

The director stressed that since February 24, the plants have lowered the temperature in the kilns to a safe level. All technical parameters are still controlled by employees who come to work in violation of the Mariupol shell attack. In this way, the operation of the plants was “completely stopped in a safe manner,” Tskitishvili said.

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