Ukraine. Massive fire at Russian ammunition depot in Shakhtarsk. Media: Attack by HIMARS missiles | World news

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Kamikaze drone vs Russian military. Ukrainians showed a record of using foreign equipment

According to, the explosion should happen around 3 am. A Russian ammunition depot caught fire. Thick smoke rose to at least several tens of meters, as seen in records available on the network. Emergency services arrived at the scene.

Note that since 2014, Shakhtarsk has been under the control of pro-Russian separatists. The Occupy “Administration” ordered to vacate Residents From one part of the city.

Is it an attack by Ukrainians?

The Ukrainian side did not acknowledge the attack. An adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine sarcastically said that “racists” had a “careless attitude to smoking” and thus caused the fire. Public servants advised Russians “not to ignore safety rules and not to choose the best places to smoke.”

Meanwhile media I say the ammunition depot was hit by US HIMARS precision missiles.

“Everything indicates that the Ukrainians, using the high mobility of HIMARS systems and light vehicles on the chassis of an off-road truck, attack at night long-tracked valuable Russian objects scattered in eastern Ukraine. They failed due to the relative inaccuracy of Smirtsy and Dosek and the vulnerability of the latter. interception By Russian anti-aircraft defense, wrote Maciej Kucharczyk from

In nine days, Russian Army Lost 11 ammunition bases in occupied territory of Ukraine

Ukrainians are looking for answers to the Russians’ new and old strategy

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