Ukraine is struggling. Live broadcast – Tuesday, August 29

After the liberation of the village of Robotyn in the Zaporizhzhya region, the armed forces of Ukraine must overcome the Russian anti-tank fortifications, which will open the way for the invaders to the railway junction in Melitopol, which is important, and then to the sea. Asovin assessed Ivan Krizhevsky, an expert of the Ukrainian Defense Express website.

“Robotine is a border, a very important point in the battles. The liberation of this city allows us to believe that our troops can be proud of some of the important victory. It is primarily about cutting the Russian land route” – he told PAP .

The analyst pointed out that the first target of the Ukrainian army was Dokmok, followed by Melitopol. “The important railway for the Russians cuts there, connecting the occupied Donbas with the occupied Crimea. The next step is to go to the coast of the occupied Sea of ​​Azov, so that our troops can hang on both sides of the Russian army,” he explained.

Before that, however, Ukraine’s armed forces must overcome concrete anti-tank fortifications, another line of Russian defense south of Robotin, which has now been liberated. Ukrainians call it “Surovik’s Line” after General Serhiy Surovikin, the former commander of the Russian forces occupying Ukraine.

The Russian defensive line captured by the Ukrainians by the liberation of Robotny was described by Krizhevsky as a “defensive line”. “Ukrainian armed forces have so far won so many tough battles that can be called a defense line, but on the other hand it is a very deep line, 30 km deep at the front. Very densely filled with anti-tank and anti-personnel mines” – he pointed out.

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