Ukraine. In the words of Emmanuel Macron to avoid insulting Russia Dmitro Guleb

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dimitrov Kuleba referred to French President Emmanuel Macron’s statements on Saturday, saying “we must not insult Russia.” Such appeals can only insult France, which creates them, said the head of Ukrainian diplomacy.

“Appeals to avoid insulting Russia can humiliate France or any other country that calls for it, because Russia is humiliating itself,” Dimitro Guleba wrote on Twitter.

“We will focus better on how to regulate Russia. It will ensure peace and save lives,” he added.

Macron: We should not insult Russia

In an interview with the largest regional daily, Ouest France, and other regional headlines on Saturday, Macron said Russia should not be insulted for finding a diplomatic solution after the end of the fighting in Ukraine.

– Russia should not be insulted for leaving the diplomatic channels on the day of the end of the fighting. The French president said he was convinced France’s role should be a mediator.

President of France Emmanuel MacronPAP / EPA / Julian de Rosa / Pool

When asked about the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Macron responded by saying that he had “made a historic and fundamental mistake for his people, for himself and for history.” – Nevertheless, Russia remains a major country. I think (Putin) isolated himself. Closing oneself in solitude is one thing, but how to get out of it is the hard way – he estimated.

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