Ukraine has received anti-ship missiles

The Harpoon is an American short-range missile launched from surface, underwater and air bases, designed to hit surface targets. Depending on the version, the range is 95 to 280 km.

Harpoon missiles

That’s by this weapon The Russian ship “Moscow” sank in April.

“We have been handed enough horns to drown the entire Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. Why not?”

Proximity points out that five such missiles would be enough to stabilize an aircraft carrier, based on data compiled by US experts who well explain the firepower of horns. .

Battle of Tobas

However, many experts point out that a Russian attack on Odessa is unlikely. It is also pointed out that this is one of the goals of the Russians. The problem, however, is the siege established by the Russian navy.

Currently, fierce fighting is taking place in the vast frontier of eastern Ukraine – Donbass.

Military operations include, among other things, Pachmud, Bopasna, Avtizhivka, Lyman and the large city of Severdonetsk. Thus stated the Ukrainian side 95 percent of the territory of the Luhansk region was occupied by the Russian armyThe situation across Donbass is “very bad”. The artillery attack continued almost without interruption.

President Zelenskiy described the situation in the region as “very difficult”. It also called on the West to increase arms supplies and intensify sanctions. At the same time, according to Ukrainian intelligence, the Russians have already used 60 percent. Precision missiles. In some categories, even 70 percent.

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