Ukraine. Explosions in Crimea. The Russians launched an air defense

The explosion took place overnight in Russian-occupied Crimea from Saturday to Sunday. “I heard an explosion… Sevastopol, Yevpatoriya and the northern suburbs of Simferopol” – reported the Suspilne portal.

“There was an explosion in occupied Sevastopol and an alarm signal was sounded,” the portal reported. Other Ukrainian media reported explosions in two additional cities.

Ukraine. Explosions in Crimea. The Crimean Bridge is closed

The pro-Russian governor of Sevastopol, Mykhailo Rasvosev, announced that the Russians had initiated the operation. Air defenses and missile attacks were repulsed. Russian planes also flew in the sky.

As reported by Ukrinform Agency, Most of the city is without electricity.

The union, in turn, said there was an explosion at the station site 126th Coast Guard Squadron of the Black Sea Fleet Russian Federation.

Traffic on the Crimean Bridge was temporarily blocked” – reported “Ukrainska Pravda”.

War in Ukraine. Explosions in Russia

The information also appeared on Russian social media channels Explosions in Russia. The incidents were reported in Vyborg in Leningrad Oblast and Slavyansk on the Kuban River, where a fire broke out at a refinery.

Recently, the “Belbek” airport was also attacked. Satellite photographs showed the fuselages of a burned MiG-31 and a destroyed MiG 29.

proof’s: “Ukrainska Pravda”, Union

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